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LEADER 2014-20


Sevilla Destino Rural

Sevilla destino rural

FEDER Sevilla Rural


Our association, ADAD, is a non-profit group supported by the different administrations of the sixteen towns within Doñana Natural Space and Interior Aljarafe that it covers, by the socioeconomic field, and in general, by the inhabitants who have decided to unite efforts and interests to benefit the region.

The main objective of ADAD is the consolidation of a sustainable and balanced development in the region Aljarafe-Doñana, by valuing its natural, social, cultural and human resources, and by supporting the diversification and dynamization of the productive field. For that, ADAD directly supports business owners and civil organizations.

Following these rules, the sustainable management in the development in our territory has become a real work technique since the last European programme. It has been materialized by the introduction of several lines of development that have valued our wealthy natural patrimony, the recovery of degraded spaces, the use of alternative energies, education and environmental sensitivity, or the promotion of the respectful and balanced nature tourism. Not only the Development Group Aljarafe-Doñana has worked in these lines of development, also all the town councils, the development societies, farmers, business and, in general, a socioeconomic field more aware every day of the need to take advantage of our resources in a sustainable way.

Since its creation, our association works to diversify the economy in the region, traditionally attached to the primary sector, supporting the creation of companies in economic areas with a great potential and not much representative until now, as tourism or environment. Moreover, ADAD is contributing to the final incorporation of women and young people in rural development, to the creation of a common regional identity and of a participatory culture, that will help the inhabitants of our towns to confront the challenges in the new global scene.

Since its foundation in 1997, ADAD works as Rural Development Group (GDR in Spanish), managing the Programmes PRODER-Andalucía and LEADER PLUS. Thanks to the implementation of these programmes, the Association has an extensive experience in the management of projects of a participatory nature, that involves a real and effective implication of the inhabitants in their own development.

Besides, it is interesting to emphasize the role the Association is developing in the regional, national and international cooperation. In this sense, since 2003, we coordinate the Cooperation Group "Nuevos Territorios", included in Eje 2 of Cooperation in the Programme LEADER PLUS, and formed by ten groups in the provinces of Huelva, Seville, Cadiz and Granada, that have as its objective to develop a common territorial strategy that projects geographic singularities in these places, by valuing their environmental and cultural patrimony.